Students Training

Students today have the advantage of excellent high-tech training and computer expertise needed in today’s workplace. They grew up with PCs, IPads, and Smartphones. They can navigate the Internet and communicate with the speed of light with a few clicks on a keyboard. What they sometimes lack are the soft skills – interpersonal communication, writing, presentation and basic professional etiquette–critical to prepare a resume, fill out an application, ace an interview and succeed in the workplace.

“Choose Today, Succeed Tomorrow” is a soft skills training program for high school students to help them make good choices today and learn the social and professional skills to be successful in the workplace in the future. A series of modules, the program can be customized to the student’s needs.

Each module can stand on its own or be combined with others for a comprehensive program. Modules are 90 minutes long with a 15-minute break. All modules are interactive with maximum student participation. Students receive a manual with sample work sheets, exercises and information they can review and use after the session. The manuals include additional tips on how to conduct a job search, career planning, how to deal with workplace issues like a difficult boss or co-workers.

Module 1 - Choose Today, Work Tomorrow.


Twenty-one True/False questions about how life choices can affect your future employability. Students learn the hard truth about the real world…not everyone gets a ribbon and you don’t always get a do-over. An insightful, interactive discussion where students learn from the facilitator and their peers.

Module 2 - Resumes that Rock!


Students fill out a first-resume worksheet and leave with a working draft they can use for job applications and interviews. Each section is debriefed, and students learn how they can improve their resume now by choosing courses, activities and community involvement that will give them valuable, work-related experience.

Module 3 - Techniques to Ace the Interview


This module covers the three elements of effective communication—voice tone, body language and choosing the right words – content. It covers professional etiquette and dressing for success. Students practice answering interview questions with poise and confidence.

Module 4 - It’s Your Job…Love It, Leverage It, Leave It, Lose It!


Once you land a job, it’s up to you. This module focuses on what you can do to succeed at a job and negative habits that can cause you to lose that job. What if you made the wrong job choice? How do you gracefully leave a job with great references? This is all about on-the-job success and tips for managing a career.

Module 5 - Dare to be Different…Be Yourself! Secrets that Set You Apart from the Crowd!


Students often want to fit in. Being different isn’t always easy. This module helps students decide who they are, what they want in life and what they need to do going forward to be successful. Students leave with a set of goals and an action plan to be successful in the future.